Fall/Winter Beauty Tips for Hair, Skin, and Makeup

Fall Winter Hair Skin Makeup Beauty Tips

Summer is a great time of the year to relax and maybe even be more laid-back about hair and makeup routines. This is especially true if your calendar is full of pool parties, barbecues, and other types of outdoors events when it’s hot outside. However, once fall rolls around, it’s an entirely different vibe: from big family dinners, office holiday parties, and celebrations with loved ones, the scene is ripe to amp up your beauty routine and show off that long-lost winter wardrobe.

In hopes of making it easier for you to take your beauty rituals up a notch this year, we’ve compiled a trusty guide to all things hair, skin, and makeup for the later months of the year.

Beauty Care Tips

Colder seasons bring with them images of l earthy-toned fall attire, cashmere scarves, and designer lattes by a roaring fireplace. They also happen to bring with them dry skin, nails, and lips.

For skin. Winter can cause skin to become dry, itchy, and irritated. Brands that are commonly recommended by dermatologists include Cetaphil, Aquaphor, and Eucerin. They are extremely thick and pigmented, so make sure to actually take the time to massage them into your skin. You can also choose different brands, as long as they include ceramides and occlusives. Vitamin packed serums are also a great double-up option for the cold weather, as they have smaller molecules that can be absorbed by the skin more easily. The best moisturizing serums usually include niacinamide or vitamin E, both of which boost skin elasticity and protect skin cells from oxidative damage. Apply a serum after you cleanse and before you moisturize to boost moisturization, normalize skin PH, and allow your skin to soak up all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to brave the winter.

For nails. In addition to regular hand moisturizers, enlist the help of cuticle oils. Not only will it make your nails look better, but it also promotes nail growth and helps your nail polish last longer. Products that include biotin, keratin, or fern extract are key for the strengthening and growth of your nails. In addition, using nail-strengthening polish will keep them protected from breakage.

For lips. Ditch the chapstick and apply petroleum jelly (vaseline). Not only will it feel good and block wind from chapping them, but the thick formula also locks in moisture. Also, avoid licking your lips, since once saliva dries up, your kisser will feel even more parched. If you lips do become too dry to avoid, use a lip exfoliator before the vaseline to smoothen and prep your lips for lip masks, moisturizers, and that velvety red holiday lipstick. Finally, when purchasing a lip balm, avoid the following ingredients: menthol, camphor, or eucalyptus, since they are drying substances.

Fall and Winter Makeup

For foundation. To achieve a smooth look, look for a lightweight face moisturizer to apply before your primer and foundation. To increase the efficiency factor, choose one that also includes SPF (the higher, the better). If you typically wear a powder foundation, consider a cream or oil based version for fall and winter.

For eyes. Gusts of wind and ultracold temperatures make us prone to getting teary eye… which can ruin a carefully applied makeup look in an instant. The best tip for preventing raccoon eyes is to (a) buy waterproof eye makeup, (b) apply an eyeshadow primer before doing your eye makeup, and (c) keep some cotton swabs handy for those unavoidable eyeliner mishaps.

Hair Care

The same way lower temps dry out skin, hair is affected by the lack of moisture in the air. To keep your locks looking beautiful, pay extra attention to the ingredients in your hair care products and how they work with your hair-type.

To avoid brittle hair. While lots of lathering foam makes people think of cleanliness, it actually means it has lots of sulfates. This ingredient is lethal for your hair, since it dissolves all of its natural oils. And if you color your hair, it’ll make that beautiful hue become dull. Do yourself a favor and skip hair products with sulfates.

To avoid frizz. To fight frizz, avoid shampoo with sulfates, invest in a good leave-in conditioner, and opt for products with “moisturizing” on their label. Also, rejoice in the knowledge that there are anti-frizz sheets specifically designed to use on hair.

To avoid breakage. When washing your hair, include deep moisturizing into your winter routine. After you get out of the shower wrapt your hair in a microfiber towel instead of traditional terry cloth ones. Never rub it with either material to get it dry faster.

To avoid static. To avoid static, opt for hair brushes made out of wood, use a heat protecting spray before blow-drying or flat ironing your hair and make it a point to wash your hair with less frequency.

Bonus tips for all beauty aspects: Stay hydrated to help your own body in fighting drying elements. If possible, install a humidifier in your home (or at least in the room where you spent the most amount of time). Not only will it keep your skin soft, it will also help you breathe better (because, we know that breathing through your mouth because of a winter cold is hardly the cutest way to navigate the winter.

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