Going from Dark Brunette to Blonde

Going Blonde

Transitioning from Dark Brunette to Blonde

Is it time for a change? From first impressions to matching with seasonal outfits, your hair color is a way to express who you are as a person. If you’re tired of the dark and mysterious black and brunette tresses and want to opt for something a little more vibrant and fun, it may be time to begin the transition to blonde-hood. Transforming from a dark brunette to a blonde, however, isn’t a task you can do in one day. The process involves numerous treatments, stages and toning sessions to get that natural-looking blonde you’ve been craving.

Set Goals and Expectations

Before you begin your bleaching journey, you’ll need to clearly lay out your goals for your hair color. Exactly what type of blonde do you want to be? If you want a natural look, you’ll need to look to your natural skin tone and eye color for a realistic shade. Warmer or darker skin tones may choose a honey blonde, while paler individuals may prefer ashy or platinum colors. Don’t forget to check your expectations at the door! The blonde you’ve dreamt of may not be the blonde that will look best on you. Additionally, all brunette-to-blondes should be prepared for the “orange” phase during their transition in which they’ll be sporting an orange, brassy hue rather than a true blonde. It’s all part of the process.

Plan Multiple Treatments

It can never be overstated that a dramatic color change will take multiple treatments and cannot be done overnight. Typically, colorists will recommend allowing your hair to rest and recuperate two or more weeks between treatments. This is a process that requires patience.

Condition and Care for Your Hair

Bleaching your hair every two weeks can be destructive to your hair’s health. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to ensure your hair is conditioned and healthy before, during and after your transition to blonde. Moisturizing your hair with a deep conditioning treatment and protecting the color with sulfate-free shampoos can do wonders for adding longevity to even the most finicky colors. Even with careful care and conditioning, however, split ends are always a possibility, so those in the process should keep their hair trimmed.

Bleach and Tone

Bleaching your hair over multiple sessions can be difficult and dangerous if you aren’t experienced or trained in the process. Seek out a professional hair colorist to help you plan the process and lighten your locks to the appropriate shade before adding your desired blonde. With professional help, you can ensure you’ll enjoy a more natural-looking, even color. Once your hair is bleached to the right hue, your colorist will tone it to match your skin and eye color.

Salon-Quality Hair Services in Houston, TX

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