Success by the Summer: HTS’s Esthetician Program

Houston Training Schools Esthetician Program

If it’s your dream to work within the beauty industry as a makeup artist, a skin-care specialist, or even manage a salon, we’re excited to announce that your goal is closer than you think.

At Houston Training Schools, we offer a 30-week esthetician undergraduate program that will jumpstart your dream career as soon as Summer 2019.

Awarded the Chi Partner School of the year in 2018, Houston Training Schools prides itself on a curriculum that comprehensively cares for both its instructors and students, while providing the highest quality results for our clientele. At HTS we instill a standard of excellence in our students by providing the highest-quality, natural and organic based CHI products and equipment.

What Can You Do With an Esthetician Diploma?

At Houston Training Schools our estheticians have gone on to pursue careers as makeup artists, medical estheticians, beauty educators, eyelash technicians, skin care specialists and more in as little as 7 months.

Why Choose Houston Training School?

Small class sizes at HTS allow all students to receive the one-on-one instruction they need to succeed as they learn about everything from the basics of skincare to the industry’s hottest makeup trends. We work diligently to create an accessible education for our students through affordable tuition. In the pursuit of igniting your creative style as an esthetician, making people feel beautiful, and providing high-quality training that merits success in the beauty industry, HTS is ready to take your career to the next level when you are.

Top Accredited Cosmetology Schools in Houston

Houston Training School’s Certificate of Cosmetology Program is designed to build and develop your knowledge of the beauty and skin care worlds. Our advanced curriculum allows you to explore theory while gaining hands-on experience in the industry’s latest trends.

Turn your passion for hair, skin, nails, and makeup into a career at Houston Training Schools. Call 877-640-4747 to learn more or apply here.