5 Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Hairstyles

Just when you think the holiday season is over, the Hallmark channel reminds you that hey — Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! What was once thought of as a celebration of couples and romantic love has expanded to celebrate all kinds of loving relationships — including friendships (Galentine’s Day, anyone?). Whether you’re planning a candlelight dinner and rendezvous with a significant other or celebrating with your best girlfriends and cosmopolitans, one thing is for sure: you want to look good. To make things easier for you, we’ve made this nifty list of fun hairstyle ideas for either Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day.

Hair Ideas for Valentine’s Day

1. Side-Swept Waves

This will only work if you have straight or wavy hair. Use a fine-tooth comb to part your hair on either side of your head. Apply mousse on the top portion of both sections of hair and use a flat bristle brush to smooth the product over your strands. Pull the smaller section of hair behind your head and secure it with bobby pins behind your neck. Now it’s time to add waves to the other side. To do so, take large sections of hair, and wrap each of them around a 1 and ½ inch curling iron. Make sure to only curl your hair below the cheekbone.

2. High Ponytail with a Hair Wrap.

This one’s pretty easy to make and works well on most hair types — making it a good alternative if you’re short on time. Brush all of your hair back, and gather it on the crown of your head. Tie it with a hair tie and wrap a strand around the elastic. Secure it with small bobby pins. If you have limp hair, tease it to add volume. Apply your preferred hair product to smooth out flyaways.

3. Braid Crown

Make a regular three-strand braid on each side of your head (If you have shorter layers framing your face, don’t include them in the braids). Once done, gently stretch out each section of the braids to make them look wider. Wrap the braids around the back of your head, and pin them in place with bobby pins.

4. Low Bun

To make this look work, your hair has to be untangled. Spritz water on top of your hair and part it down the middle. Tie your hair along the nape of your neck. Once you have a ponytail in place, twist it and wrap around the hair tie. Use hairspray to set it in place. If you’d rather have a loose low bun, loop the tied ponytail around your index finger, and pull the end of the ponytail through the loop. Swoop the ends around the knot and secure with bobby pins.

5. Go Natural

Listen, the most important lesson to learn when it comes to style is to do what makes you happy. If you have natural waves, corkscrew curls, or a stylish afro, wear it with pride. If you’re concerned about humidity-induced frizz, you can tame it by planning in advance. Use frizz control shampoo and conditioners specifically formulated for your hair type. Rinse it off with cold water. Towel-dry it by squeezing it gently. Apply an anti-frizz serum before styling. Use hair gel and either let air dry or blow-dry with a diffuser.

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