The Diverse Array of Makeup Artist Jobs

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are highly sought after for their skills in applying makeup to a wide variety of different facial types and skin tones. While some accomplished artists are self-taught, those who complete a professional program and obtain certification often have a better chance at succeeding in a wider variety of career opportunities, from working with celebrities to applying special effects makeup.

Career Opportunities for Makeup Artists

1. Theater and performance makeup artists

Whether it’s a local TV news anchor or the lead of a theater production, everyone in the spotlight benefits from an important addition that subconsciously has a surprisingly significant effect on audiences – excellent makeup. Makeup artists can find ample work in the entertainment field, applying makeup to actors, TV anchors and other visual media personalities to get them looking glamorous and camera ready.

The best professional makeup artists work with a variety of cosmetics to enhance the appearance of the face under heavy studio lighting. Professional theater makeup artists have a diverse background in applying makeup to create visual effects, working with facial prosthetics, mimicking makeup styles used throughout history or applying makeup that enhances the actor’s appearance when subjected to powerful theater lighting.

2. Esthetician/makeup artist

Esthetic makeup artists teach customers how to apply and develop makeup styles that best fit their skin tone and facial structure while also providing unique insights on facial care to properly clean the face and keep pores healthy after using makeup. Makeup artists can teach classes or work with local retailers and their customers on a one-on-one basis to provide personalized instruction. Medical estheticians also have the expertise to rectify and treat conditions caused by makeup or beauty products, restoring damaged skin and preventing blemishes and rashes.

3. Cosmetic promotional coordinator

Makeup artists can do more than just apply makeup – they also provide great insight on products and sell them to vendors or the public. Artists can act as liaisons between consumers and retailers by providing useful information about products and giving demos when necessary. They can also work in merchandising and public relations to create effective marketing campaigns that clearly convey how a product works, which demographics it works best on and which consumers it appeals to most.

4. Writer

The best makeup industry writers are often makeup artists who have years of hands-on experience working with brands’ products, beauty retailers and cosmetic consumers. Cosmetic publications often hire former makeup artists to write articles on the latest products and trends in the industry using their years of experience and expertise. Publications often need writers who can attend and write about cosmetology industry events, interview vendors and compose reviews for sample products. The best in the field have superb interview skills, extensive industry knowledge, and excellent grammar.

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