Esthetician School in Houston, TX

Esthetician School in Houston, TXLove Your Career with a Certificate of Esthetics from Houston Training School!

Do you have a passion for making others look and feel beautiful? Do you have an affinity for gorgeous skin? It may be time to invest in your future and transform your passion for skin care and makeup into a rewarding career! At Houston Training Schools (HTS), you can earn your undergraduate certificate of esthetics in as little as seven months. After graduating, our new estheticians have gone on to pursue careers as makeup artists, salon managers, skin care specialists, medical estheticians, hair removal specialists, beauty educators, and more!

Blending Science & Creativity

Your skin is a canvas, so it’s vital you know how to care for it inside and out! Our esthetics program prepares each student with the knowledge they need to put their talents to work transforming their clients’ appearance. Our class sizes are small, allowing every student to receive the one-on-one instruction they need to succeed. From the basics of skincare to the industry’s hottest makeup application trends, each student will learn theory and practice, as well as enjoy time to develop their creative style. Turn your passion for beauty into a fulfilling career as an esthetician at HTS!

Program Costs

Financing options for tuition are available through grants, scholarships, payment plans and institutional aid. Unlike other schools, HTS does not leave you with student loan debt.

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