Bilingual Cosmetology School

Bilingual Cosmetology School

Houston Training Schools (HTS) is a bilingual cosmetology school in Houston, TX that offers classes in Spanish and English. Houston Training Schools is a private, post-secondary school that has successfully trained cosmetology students in the greater Houston area for more than 30 years. With two campuses here in Houston, we have been able to serve a wider variety of students who want a chance to start their careers in the beauty industry.

We believe that beauty education is for everyone — that is why we offer our cosmetology school in Spanish so that no student will be at a disadvantage because of a language barrier. We aim to offer an educational experience that caters to the needs of our increasingly diverse student body. Here is why you should consider Houston Training Schools if you are searching for a bilingual cosmetology school in Houston!

Our diverse cosmetology program

When it comes to providing a well-rounded cosmetology education, inclusivity matters. Our mission in providing cosmetology school in Spanish is to provide a superior, accessible, and affordable cosmetology program, as well as learning opportunities to students from a diverse range of social, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country, so we have tailored our school’s instruction to accommodate that fact. Our student body is actually represented by 40 different countries. We want to provide students with the opportunity to have their beauty classes in Spanish to ensure that they will feel comfortable and confident during their cosmetology training to obtain their cosmetology license.

At Houston Training Schools, students from all backgrounds can look forward to a challenging and rewarding cosmetology curriculum, a friendly atmosphere, and hands-on, real-world experience to get them ready for the beauty industry.

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We help students to build a community

While attending Houston Training Schools, students will not only have a community to lean on during their training program, they will also be able to start building their own community in the form of a clientele. As a part of our cosmetology program, students will have the opportunity to provide Houston beauty school services to real-life clients and start building real-life relationships.

We understand the importance of gaining a loyal client base before beginning your career – and want our students to have opportunities with clients who are looking for a Spanish-speaking stylist or someone with an education from a natural hair school, like Houston Training Schools.

The ability to practice on real clients as you are still learning is invaluable, and we encourage each and every student to take full advantage of this opportunity. Experience builds trust, and trust will allow you to grow a client base that can last you throughout your career in the beauty industry.

Apply to train at a bilingual cosmetology school in Houston

We believe that Houston Training Schools is one of the best cosmetology schools in Houston due to our well-rounded, inclusive programs as a bilingual cosmetology school. You deserve to have an accessible education with more than one language option. Our instructors are dedicated to helping students along in their journey to ensure that they graduate feeling confident and ready for their licensing exams.

When potential students ask “How much is cosmetology school in Texas?”, we assure them that Houston Training Schools is dedicated to providing an affordable educational experience by offering multiple financial aid options for cosmetology school students.

If you’re interested in cosmetology school in Spanish, Houston Training Schools proudly offers a competitive bilingual cosmetology program. You can apply online today or call 877-640-4747 for more information.

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