Natural Hair School Training in Houston

Natural Hair School Training in Houston

Houston Training Schools is a natural hair school that offers an inclusive cosmetology program to teach its students techniques for natural hair care. Unfortunately, not all cosmetology schools teach their students how to cut and style natural or ethnic hair. Though there are movements for cosmetology schools to take on a more diverse curriculum, the lack of diversity for curly and textured hair in training programs cannot be ignored.

The student body at Houston Training Schools is incredibly diverse with many different races and ethnicities present. Because of this, natural hair education has always been present in our cosmetology training program. 

Looking for a hair school for natural hair? Houston Training Schools is proud to offer our students natural hair training in our esteemed cosmetology program.

What do you learn in natural hair school?

What do you learn in cosmetology school? Cosmetology students at Houston Training Schools will learn the history, safety protocols, and core techniques needed to have a career in this field. Natural hair care is already ingrained into the curriculum, so you will not have to take additional classes in that subject. The hair portion of our cosmetology school curriculum consists of:

  • Cosmetology theory and salon management
  • Shampoo, rinses, and scalp treatments 
  • Haircutting and styling 
    • Wet styling, finger waving, air waving, hair pressing, and more!
  • Chemical rearranging: Perms and relaxers 
  • Hair coloring and bleaching

As a student, you can practice natural hairstyles on real clients! We offer our customers hair styling for braids, locks, twists, sew-in tracks, and weave applications. This experience can allow you to practice and apply the techniques learned in the curriculum!   

How to become a natural hair stylist 

Dreaming of becoming a natural hair stylist? Here are steps you can take to begin your career in beauty!

Step 1: Enroll in a natural hair school

First, you must find a credible hair school for natural hair to complete your education. As mentioned earlier, Houston Training Schools teaches natural hair education in our successful cosmetology program. To enroll in our cosmetology program, the applicant must:

  • Be above the compulsory school age (at least 17 years of age with valid ID)
  • Have a high school diploma or GED certificate 

Step 2: Complete your natural hair/cosmetology course or program

Cosmetology students are required to finish and pass the 1,000-hour cosmetology program’s curriculum. With our flexible scheduling options, you can choose the most convenient time to finish your certification through daytime or nighttime classes.

Step 3: Pass the cosmetologist licensing exam

In order to start a career as a natural hair stylist, you must pass the cosmetology licensing exam set by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Once you pass the written and practical exams, you can apply to obtain your cosmetology license and begin your professional career!

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Apply to Houston Training Schools for Natural Hair School Training

Receiving a cosmetology education from a natural hair school like Houston Training Schools can give students more opportunities to work on all types of hair before they enter the beauty industry. Having a more diverse clientele can ultimately help your career grow!

If you’re looking for cosmetology schools in Houston that accept financial aid, look no further than Houston Training Schools. To enroll in our cosmetology program, apply online today or call 877-640-4747 for more information. 

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