How to Become an Eyelash Extension Specialist

If you’re looking for information on how to become an eyelash extension specialist in Texas, you’ve come to the right place! Houston Training Schools will once again be offering their eyelash extension specialist program starting on May 24th, 2021. Flexible schedules, great pay, and global career opportunities are just a few of the reasons why becoming a lash tech has become such a sought after career in recent years.

Think a career as an eyelash technician is right for you? Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this increasingly popular career and the process on how to become an eyelash extension specialist in Texas.

FAQ: What is an eyelash extension specialist? 

An eyelash extension specialist is a licensed beauty professional who is authorized to apply semi-permanent, thread-like extensions to a person’s eyelashes to make them appear fuller and longer. The extensions are typically applied one by one to the existing eyelashes to give a natural, fuller appearance. 

FAQ: How much do eyelash extension specialists make?

Many students who are interested in this path are curious about the average eyelash extension income for specialists. On average, eyelash extension specialists earn $42,000 a year, but this number can vary depending on where and for how long you work. Full-time lash technicians can make a range of $20-$25 in hourly wages. 

FAQ: How long is the eyelash extension specialist program?

The average length of a program in a Texas beauty school is a 320 hour eyelash extension course (or 13 weeks total). At Houston Training Schools, our 320 hour program covers everything you need to know to become a specialist in the world of eyelash extensions:

  • Theory and basic skills (first aid, regulations, etc.) 
  • Sterilization, sanitation, and bacteriology practices
  • Eyelash extension application, history, and procedures
  • Past and current trends in the industry 
  • Salon business knowledge

This program also includes field trips, guest speakers, audio and visual aids, and other methods to make your educational experience as interactive and engaging as possible.

How to become an eyelash extension specialist in Texas

The requirements for becoming an eyelash extension specialist in Texas are determined by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). According to their website, here are the state’s requirements for obtaining your eyelash extension specialist license:

Education requirements

To apply for a license in Texas, you must have a high school diploma (or equivalent) or a GED certificate. 

Beauty school training

All applicants must enroll in a licensed beauty school in Texas that provides an approved eyelash extension program. To qualify for a license, you must complete the 320 hour eyelash extension program. Houston Training Schools provides a top-tier eyelash extension course in Houston for students looking to get their cosmetology license. 


After completing the approved program in beauty school, those aspiring to be a lash tech are required to take a written and a practical exam in order to obtain a license. You will schedule an appointment with TDLR to take the exams. 

Once you have passed your written and practical exam, you then must apply for a license. You must be 17 years of age in order to apply and the license will be valid for two years past the date of issue. 

Houston Training Schools will resume our eyelash extension specialist program on May 24, 2021

Now that you know more about how to become an eyelash extension specialist in Texas, you can jump-start your career in the beauty industry! For quality eyelash training in Houston, consider Houston Training Schools for your beauty education. Scholarships are available for those looking for financial aid for cosmetology school

If our eyelash extension specialist program is calling your name, apply online today! For any questions you may have regarding other HTS programs including esthetician career options, call 877-640-4747 for more information.


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