Why Students Say We’re the Best Cosmetology School in Houston

Why Students Say We’re the Best Cosmetology School in Houston

If you’re searching for the best cosmetology school for your beauty education, reading the school’s reviews on websites like Google and Yelp is crucial to help make your decision! Simply searching, “What is the best cosmetology school in Houston, TX?” online may not show helpful results, however, only which schools can pay for the best ads. When brainstorming questions to ask when applying for cosmetology school, the experiences of past students can really shape which future beauty school you choose. After all, they’ve taken the classes, interacted with the teachers, and taken the path you may be looking to follow.

Our students have been kind enough to leave us thoughtful reviews over the years to help future students know what to expect! Here are some reasons why students say Houston Training Schools is the best cosmetology school in Houston.

1. Students get quality, hands-on experience

As a part of our well-rounded beauty curriculum, students are able to gain hands-on experience by practicing on real clients while their instructors observe. We believe that quality education happens alongside the classroom, not entirely within it. Applying the knowledge learned in class to real-life people who want to look and feel their best helps students to build their skills and confidence. They can work on their client relations skills while practicing the techniques learned in class, which better prepares them for their future careers.

“​​I feel like I’ve grown as an individual as much as I’ve grown as a professional in the cosmetology industry. Being a [student at] Houston Training Schools teaches you how to mature and how to interact with other people. This school has wonderful teachers that will not give up on you and want to see you become the best version you can be.”

Emily | Houston Training Schools Graduate

2. Students are well-prepared for their licensing exam

In order to become a licensed professional in the beauty industry, every student must pass the state-provided licensing exam. The curriculum at Houston Training Schools is focused on teaching every student the basic knowledge needed to pass their exams and beyond. We also put heavy emphasis on teaching our students what to expect from potential careers in the beauty industry based on what they have learned in their education.

See how a recent graduate feels about our beauty school as they prepare to take their licensing exam.

“I attended the cosmetology program at Houston Training Schools and I’m very glad I did. I met some great instructors and fellow students and I am so proud of the skills that I learned. Their knowledge, experience, and devotion helped me learn what was needed. My next step is to take my official state board licensing exam, and thanks to their training, I have no doubt that I will pass my exam with no problems. I will always remember this experience and I encourage anyone looking into this profession to consider Houston Training Schools for their training.”

Anthony G. | Houston Training Schools Graduate

3. We offer a diverse learning environment

As a bilingual beauty school that offers cosmetology classes in Spanish and is an accredited natural hair school, diversity is very important to our curriculums and our learning environment as a whole. Because our student body is represented by over 40 countries, Houston Training Schools is dedicated to providing an inclusive educational experience so that every student can get the quality education they deserve without barriers.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a cosmetology school that caters to a wide range of students from different social, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds — but at Houston Training Schools, we are proud to offer programs that are rooted in diversity.

“I remember when I had issues with language, [Mrs. Alonso] would calm me down and give me words of encouragement to keep me going. She was a great director, leader, and mentor.”

Yetunde L. | Houston Training Schools Graduate

4. We offer financial aid

Houston Training Schools is not only one of the few cosmetology schools that accept financial aid in Houston, but we also ensure that our students graduate debt-free. We believe that quality education should not cost you an arm and a leg, and taking out pricey loans can make your student experience more stressful. Our financial aid system operates on grants and scholarships that do not need to be repaid so that you can finish your education stress-free and debt-free.

Our tuition is also more affordable than some of the top cosmetology schools in Houston, making our school more accessible for everyone. In summary, our affordable tuition and financial aid have helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams. Just see what this former student has to say!

“Houston Training Schools was a great option and I got my money’s worth. The financial aid really caught my attention. They work with you, and if it wasn’t for payment options, I don’t think I would have even considered going to esthetician school. Overall, I was very satisfied with the school! Thank you HTS for preparing me!”

Norma S. | Houston Training Schools Graduate

Looking for the best cosmetology school for you? Houston Training Schools has everything you need to succeed.

The students have spoken — Houston Training Schools is the best cosmetology school in Houston! We offer a hands-on experience that will prepare you for your licensing exam and any and all careers in the beauty industry. Our well-rounded curriculum and fun classroom environment are the perfect assets to help you succeed in whatever career path you choose to pursue.

Want to become a Houston Training Schools student? Apply online today or call 877-640-4747 to jumpstart your education.

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