Types of Cosmetology Careers

Types of Cosmetology Careers

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “what can you do with a cosmetology license?” There are many types of cosmetology careers that one can pursue after obtaining a cosmetology license. Many individuals dream of having a career in beauty, specifically cosmetology, because it can seem very glamorous to outsiders.

Although it is a very rewarding career choice, becoming a cosmetologist is hard work! If you are beginning to plan your journey into a beauty career, you must first think about starting your education at an established cosmetology school in Houston such as Houston Training Schools.

What do you learn in cosmetology school? If you were to enroll in our institution’s cosmetology program, you would be introduced to a wide variety of skills, techniques, and knowledge that could help you thrive in many different career paths in cosmetology. Many students who graduate from the Houston Training Schools cosmetology program have gone off to explore different career possibilities in their field.

Here are some examples of the types of cosmetology careers you could pursue with a cosmetology license.

What are some of the different career paths in cosmetology?

1. Makeup artist

If you love helping clients to feel beautiful, choosing a career as a makeup artist may be a great fit for you! Makeup is about more than just putting on lipstick and blush — for a lot of people, it can be a form of artistry to apply and wear. Whether you’re a bridal makeup artist in the wedding industry or a special effects makeup artist on a movie set, your cosmetology curriculum will prepare you to be able to work with a wide variety of clients for a wide range of needs!

Makeup artistry can also be educational. You can teach your clients proper makeup removal and skin care techniques to keep their faces healthy and clean. This career path can go hand-in-hand with being a brand ambassador for cosmetic companies. While working with your clients, you can recommend products and tools that they can use to benefit their skin’s unique needs.

2. Hair styling

Transforming someone’s hair to be the healthiest and most beautiful it can look can truly make a difference in their self-esteem. Ask any client that gets their hair done regularly! A hairstyle can really enhance a person’s appearance, and if you like helping clients to feel their best, hair styling could be your calling.

Although cosmetology isn’t all about hair, our curriculum covers everything you need to know about cutting hair, coloring hair, and overall hair styling techniques. Houston Training Schools is proud to be a natural hair school that teaches our students how to work on all types of natural hair to accommodate any client that walks into their business.

3. Fashion show stylist

For those who have a passion for fashion, becoming a fashion show stylist can be an exciting and fun way to break into the industry! Although most people fixate on the model’s clothes and the designers who make them, some say that cosmetologists are the ones who carry the fashion industry.

As a fashion show stylist, you can help models look runway-ready by creating their hair and makeup looks for the show or work closely with the designer to create the final looks that include wardrobe, accessories, and overall visual concepts. With a cosmetology license, you can explore many different career paths in the fashion industry.

4. Salon manager

For those of you who are a bit more business savvy, a salon manager role would suit you perfectly! As a salon manager, you’ll handle the day-to-day operations of the business to ensure the salon is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You can train other employees, oversee quality control and management, and ensure that customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.

If you have ever dreamed about opening your own business where clients can come to relax, unwind, and feel beautiful, becoming a salon manager could fulfill those dreams.

5. Massage therapist

Giving the gift of relaxation can be incredibly rewarding. With a cosmetology license, you can utilize your knowledge of therapeutic treatments to continue your education and become a professional masseuse. Depending on the path that you choose — spa setting, physical therapy, sports therapy, etc. — you can help clients feel their best and improve their health, and in turn, their overall quality of life.

Cosmetology can open many doors outside of hair and makeup and can push you to pursue careers that you may have never thought were possible. But, in order to see those open doors, you need to have a quality cosmetology education under your belt.

Open your world to the many types of cosmetology careers with Houston Training Schools

With a cosmetology license from Houston Training Schools, you can explore the many types of cosmetology careers that the industry has to offer! If you are looking for the best cosmetology schools in Houston to study under, the cosmetology program at Houston Training Schools offers a well-rounded curriculum with the opportunity to learn a mass of different topics and skills. Coupled with our capabilities to let our students practice on real clients throughout their education, our program is known to prepare students for their licensing exams — and for their futures.

To enroll in our cosmetology program, apply online today or call 877-640-4747 for more information.

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