Kick Your Bad Beauty Habits

Bad Beauty Habits

Kick Your Bad Beauty Habits

Whether out of laziness or ignorance, we’re all doing minor damage to our skin each day. That damage adds up over time, so making small changes to our beauty routines can save us a lot of trouble in the long run.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about beauty and health. How many times have you heard that it’s okay to skip the sunscreen, cut your cuticles or use makeup as long as it’s not smelly or broken? In fact, all of those statements are untrue!

Continue reading to learn what bad habits are damaging your skin and what healthy alternatives you can try instead.

Too Rough on the Skin

Even though we love and try to protect our skin, sometimes we do more harm than good. By overexposing our skin to serums, lotions, toners, exfoliating scrubs or harsh treatments, we can irritate it and throw oils out of whack. At-home products can also cause similar damage.

One beauty go-to that’s definitely not worth it? Blackhead extraction. It puts unnecessary strain on your skin, and the blackheads are likely to come back in a few days anyway.

Instead of all this extra effort, try substituting a simple face wash, or take a break from your beauty regimen if your skin isn’t up to snuff.

Grimy Cosmetics

It’s easy to stock up on your favorite makeup, but these products do have expiration dates. Check the bottom of all your makeup packages to find out what those are. Liquid and gel eyeliner and mascara last a measly three months, whereas other types of makeup can last several years. If you use it for longer, you run the risk of bacterial growth and loss of effectiveness. To break the habit of using expired beauty products, try buying smaller quantities of your favorite makeup, or force yourself to use all the makeup you already own before splurging on a new shade.

If you really want to make a change, try cleaning your brushes every other week, too.

Un-fun Sun

You might not love the idea of daily sunscreen use because of the distinct smell, oily feel or extra application time, but these minor inconveniences are worth it for your health. Sunscreen prevents both skin cancer and premature skin aging. Keep in mind that tanning, whether indoors or outdoors, causes skin damage. You’re better off eating well and exercising for a healthy, rather than sun-kissed, glow.

Implement sunscreen into your daily life or apply makeup or lip balm that protects against the sun. Make sure it’s SPF 30 for optimal protection. If you forget your sunscreen one day, opt for a hat, sunglasses or more clothing coverage.

Distressed Nails

Biting nails and picking cuticles is a bad habit, not just because it annoys others, but because it leads to pain and infection. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to quit, especially if you’re a nervous person.

But rest easy – you can trick yourself into stopping. Try bitter nail polish to dissuade yourself, or add a coat of your favorite color and promise yourself you won’t pick it off. Instead of trimming or picking at cuticles, moisturize them and push them back with a warm towel.

If all else fails, sit on your hands. It sounds silly, but it’s an effective physical barrier when you’re tempted to reach your hand toward your mouth.

Damaged Hair

Blow-drying, curling, and straightening does damage to our precious locks. If you aren’t doing anything before applying heat to your hair, try using a heat protectant regularly. Use hair masks and deep conditioning treatments once or twice a week to restore moisture. This is crucial if you bleach and dye your hair often, as your hair is more fragile.

Another innocent mistake is twirling hair or picking off split ends. Doing this worsens breakage, causing frizz. You’re better off visiting your hairdresser every two months to keep the split ends off and to encourage your hair to grow.

Anti-Beauty Sleep

Nighttime is a chance for your body to rejuvenate. Don’t negate this all-important time by doing the wrong thing before you hit the sack.

Most of us don’t wash our pillowcases enough, even though they’re pressed against our faces for eight hours each night. If you don’t have time to wash all your bedsheets, start throwing the case in with your regular wash to keep your skin clear.

Another evening faux pas is sleeping in your makeup. Your pores will be blocked all night, leading to breakouts. A simple cleansing makeup wipe can do wonders on those nights where you fall asleep before your head hits the pillow.

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