Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extension Courses

Student practicing eyelash extensions on a mannequin.

The demand for quality eyelash extension courses is growing rapidly, as more and more beauty enthusiasts strive to become professional lash technicians every year. If you want to know how to become a lash tech in Texas, you must first complete an eyelash extension specialist program at an accredited cosmetology school — like Houston Training Schools — in the Lone Star State.

If you’re wondering, “How do I choose a lash course?” here are our tips for choosing the best eyelash extension courses for you:

  1. Seek lash courses with a well-rounded curriculum
  2. Prioritize schools that offer hands-on learning
  3. See if the program offers flexible scheduling options
  4. Consider the school’s licensing rate

1. Seek lash courses with a well-rounded curriculum

Those wondering how to learn to do lash extensions might be surprised to hear that it requires far more than just sticking false lashes on a mannequin head. Although some lash technicians are self-taught, proper lash technician training will better prepare you to become a licensed and successful eyelash extension specialist.

To truly excel in this craft, you need a well-rounded eyelash extension course that includes:

  • Basic eyelash and eye anatomy
  • Proper sanitation and bacteriology
  • Eyelash extension application and techniques
  • Hands-on learning opportunities
  • Professional skills needed to excel in the industry
  • Salon business knowledge

If during your search, you come across a school that offers all of these elements listed above, you can feel confident knowing that the course will prepare you well for your licensing exam and your future career.

2. Prioritize schools that offer hands-on learning

Learning from textbooks and practicing on mannequins will only take you so far. If you want to provide the best lash extensions Houston has to offer, seek out schools that go the extra mile by allowing you to work on real clients under the supervision of your instructors.

Why is hands-on learning important? Hands-on learning allows students to apply what they have learned in their eyelash extension courses to a real-life person. Here at Houston Training Schools, our lash program requires that students offer lash beauty services to real clients as part of our curriculum. Throughout the process, our instructors supervise and guide students, correcting, assisting, and encouraging them as they apply their skills to real people who have the potential to become repeat customers in their future careers.

Learning to adapt and problem-solve with real clients while you are still a student will set you up for success in your career down the line. If a school does not offer hands-on opportunities, you will have a much harder time gaining the skills necessary to pass your exams or have a fulfilling career.

3. See if the program offers flexible scheduling options

With life, work, and families taking top priority in many students’ lives, flexibility can be a make-or-break factor when choosing where to take your lash courses. And let’s be honest, day classes don’t benefit every student’s schedule or learning habits.

How long does a lash extension course take? As previously mentioned, in order to obtain your eyelash technician license in Texas, you must complete a 320-hour accredited course. However, for some students, a regular daytime class schedule isn’t feasible.

Houston Training Schools offers flexible scheduling options for our lash tech students who can either enroll full-time or part-time, making it even easier to fit classes around your other responsibilities.

4. Consider the school’s licensing rate

How do I get my eyelash extension license in Texas? In order to obtain your eyelash technician license, a score of 70% or better is required to pass the state licensing written exam — therefore, where you choose to take your eyelash extension courses matters.

One of the biggest indicators that Houston Training Schools has the best eyelash extension course around is our high licensure rate. As of January 1, 2021, Houston Training Schools has a 90% licensure rate which indicates that our program was satisfactory to students and helped them pass their exams and become professional lash technicians in the state.

Looking for quality eyelash extension courses in Houston? Study with Houston Training Schools to begin your path to success.

By adhering to these tips, you can ensure that the lash course you choose will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and experience to start your career on the right foot. Not all eyelash extension courses are made equal — but finding the right lash courses for your learning needs and schedule preferences can make a large difference in your future success. With a highly interactive classroom environment and hands-on learning opportunities, Houston Training Schools has everything you need to become a successful eyelash extension specialist.

Our students have said that our school is one of the best cosmetology schools in Houston due to our dedication to our student’s educational journeys. Hear what a recent Houston Training Schools graduate had to say about her lash school experience:

“I attended this school for the lash program and I couldn’t have made a better choice. Not only was our teacher outstanding but everyone else who works there as well. The instructors make sure to know who you are and help in any way possible. When correcting you, they really make sure to explain the “how to” in the most uplifting way. The environment was amazing and also the vibes all the students brought to the school. I truly felt I left this school ready to start my career in all areas of lashing.”

Sommer R. | Eyelash Technician Student


Wondering how to learn to do lash extensions? Your journey starts here at Houston Training Schools. Apply online today to experience eyelash extension courses that go beyond the standard.

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