What is Involved in Lash Technician Training?

What is Involved in Lash Technician Training?

If you love the idea of providing luxurious lash extensions, you may have looked into what lash technician training would entail. Here in Houston, eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular over the years, making the role of lash technician a more desirable beauty career.

However, one cannot simply know how to become a lash tech in Texas overnight — you need the proper education and training to obtain your license in order to practice in the Lone Star State. If you want to learn how to apply the best eyelash extensions Houston has to offer, you need to find the right eyelash technician school for you.

For the best preparation, not only for your exams but for your career in beauty, consider Houston Training Schools for your lash technician training.

What should be included in lash training?

Applying eyelash extensions can be more challenging than some might expect. This occupation requires concentration, hand-eye coordination, patience, and technique to give clients the full, voluminous eyelashes of their dreams!

Not only is it a skill that takes a lot of training and practice to master, but only a well-respected educational institution like Houston Training Schools can provide that knowledge and training.

Here is what you can expect from our eyelash extensions classes in Houston.

Basic eyelash and eye anatomy

In order to understand how to properly apply and maintain a client’s eyelash extensions, you must first understand how their natural eyelashes function, their structure, their growth cycle, and how extensions can impact the eye itself.

This knowledge will help you understand how to provide better lash extension service, and it will protect and maintain the health of your client’s natural lashes and eyes. If a client were to have complications (puffy eyelids, swollen lash line, etc.) you can use your knowledge to provide the best solution and avoid those issues overall.

If a client suffers from an allergic reaction to their extensions or any other medical issue, instruct them to seek medical assistance. 

Proper sanitation and bacteriology

The safety of you, your clients, and your peers should always come first. By keeping a clean and sterile work environment, you will protect the health of both you and your clients and avoid any unnecessary complications.

Our eyelash extensions classes cover basic first aid and health regulations accompanied by an in-depth look into sanitation and sterilization techniques and bacteriology. These practices will help you learn appropriate hygiene protocols, disinfection techniques, and the safe handling and disposal of lash extension products.

Eyelash extension application and techniques

No lash technician training is complete without the knowledge of successfully applying eyelash extensions! As the core component of this program, we understand how crucial this step is to your education as an aspiring lash technician. You will be trained in eyelash selection, adhesive application, proper isolation techniques, and lash extension placement for long-lasting results that your clients will love.

Outside of teaching you application history, skills, and techniques in the classroom, Houston Training Schools allows every student to work with real clients by providing instructor-assisted eyelash services to those in need. Not only does this hands-on learning experience allow you to practice what you’ve been taught, but it also gives you the chance to interact with real people who could potentially be a part of your future clientele! This experience will do wonders when you begin your career after obtaining your license!

Professional skills and salon business knowledge

Students say Houston Training Schools is the best beauty school in Houston because we prepare each student for their licensing exams and also for whatever their future career has in store for them. Our well-rounded program teaches professional skills such as communication, patience, teamwork, and more so that every student can thrive in their industry as a professional on top of their talent.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to know how to start a lash business, our program includes the necessary business knowledge to manage your own salon or start an at-home business for yourself! With an education from Houston Training Schools under your belt, you can be prepared for a career as an eyelash extension specialist.

How long does it take to become a successful lash tech?

So, how long does lash technician training take? To obtain your Eyelash Extension Specialty License, you must first complete and pass a 320-hour eyelash technician training program from a licensed educational institution like Houston Training Schools.

With our flexible scheduling options, our eyelash extension specialist students can complete their program’s hours at their own pace! Whether day classes don’t fit your unique schedule or you have other obstacles to overcome, our faculty works with every student to ensure that they can complete their program in a timely, yet accommodating manner. So, in theory, you could have your eyelash extension specialty in just a few weeks!

Start your lash technician training with Houston Training Schools

If you’re ready to jumpstart your lash technician training, Houston Training Schools is here to help make your dreams come true! Our eyelash extensions classes are designed to prepare you for your licensing exam and guide you to become the best professional lash technician that you can possibly be.

We believe that training should not be confined to a desk and a textbook. We incorporate a hands-on learning experience with client services, guest speakers, and field trips to give each student a well-rounded education.

Ready to begin your career as an eyelash extension specialist? To enroll in our eyelash extension program in Houston, apply online today or call 877-640-4747 for more information.

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