Why is Hands-on Learning Important for Cosmetology Students?

Why is Hands-on Learning Important for Cosmetology Students?

Why is hands-on learning important for cosmetology students? If you are considering applying to a cosmetology school, this is a topic that you should keep top of mind when looking at potential schools. As the saying goes, some people learn better by doing — and if you are one of those people, hands-on learning will be crucial for your educational experience.

We’ll be discussing what this type of learning is as well as the hands-on learning benefits that can help cosmetology students greatly in their education.

What is hands-on learning?

Hands-on learning refers to a type of educational method that allows students to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in real-life situations. As a cosmetology student, you’ll learn different beauty techniques while in the classroom,* but a classroom environment can only take you so far. It is proven that learning by doing can increase your understanding and application of any subject material.

Beauty schools that offer hands-on learning will encourage, and even require, their students to practice what they have learned in class on real clients in order to understand how these techniques actually work in the real world.

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3 hands-on learning benefits

Many of our students call Houston Training Schools the best cosmetology school in Houston because they have seen real-world payoff from hands-on learning benefits in their careers. Here is how real-world experience can be beneficial to your beauty education.

1. Gain experience by practicing on real clients

Let’s be honest — sometimes a mannequin head just doesn’t cut it. As a portion of our cosmetology curriculum, Houston Training Schools students are required to provide a variety of beauty school services to real-life clients. Our instructors oversee every step of the process to correct, assist, and motivate students as they practice their techniques on a real person. This allows them to gain valuable experience that will better prepare them for their future careers in the beauty industry.

Not only will students gain real experience, but the clients they service during their training can end up becoming long-term clients in their professional careers! Our hands-on learning model encourages networking and builds trust, communication, and confidence amongst our students who are training for cosmetology.

2. Develop customer service skills before you graduate

When learning what skills are needed to be a cosmetologist, you will find that many of those skills need to be learned and nurtured outside of the classroom. One of those skills in particular is how to deal with customers on a daily basis. A core part of cosmetology is working with clients, and because clients can be unpredictable, customer service skills are best obtained through hands-on learning to prepare you for what’s to come in the real world.

If you are exposed to a wide variety of clients and are able to handle their issues promptly and professionally, you will be able to service anyone as a licensed cosmetologist.

3. Sharpen problem-solving skills

Another key skill to have that can be obtained outside of the classroom is sharp problem-solving. While our curriculum may encourage exercises to flex these mental muscles, sometimes you won’t know what problems need solving until they happen!

In a salon, spa, or any other professional environment, things are bound to not go as planned. It’s life! Having the ability to assess situations and act accordingly is a fantastic skill to have before entering the industry. Students that work with real clients in real environments before graduating can have the confidence to face any issues head-on. As a cosmetologist, problem-solving skills are crucial for a long and successful career.

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So, why is hands-on learning important for cosmetology students? Hands-on learning allows cosmetology students to gain technical knowledge and customer service skills by practicing on real clients. It is the best way to ensure that you are ready for a career in cosmetology after you graduate.

There is so much more to learn and experience that a textbook or a lecture can’t always teach. Houston Training Schools believes that a well-rounded cosmetology education should include learning by doing and not just by sitting in a classroom. This is why many of our students graduate from our program feeling more confident and prepared to take on the beauty industry.

Want to experience the power of hands-on learning? Apply online today to join our cosmetology program and see our hands-on learning benefits for yourself.

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