How to Build Your Clientele as a Cosmetology Student

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There are many benefits to learning how to build your clientele as a cosmetology student before beginning your career. In the beauty industry — whether you studied cosmetology, esthetics, or manicuring — having an established client base is the key to sustaining a long and flourishing career. But for some beauty school graduates, building a client base can prove to be a difficult task, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

However, having the right foundation as a cosmetology student can make building a client base all the easier. And the right foundation is where you choose to spend your beauty education. At Houston Training Schools, we help our students foster and nurture relationships with real-life people who could potentially be repeat customers. In this blog, we’ll be giving tips for how to build your clientele as a cosmetology student.

The importance of building a client base as a student

Before we dive into how to build your clientele, we want to touch on the importance of starting this process as early as possible. Many students tend to skip this step as they fulfill their education and graduate without having a single potential client to follow them to their first job.

Although you can (and will) build a client list throughout your cosmetology career, having a preexisting following before you begin your career can be extremely beneficial to get you started on the right foot. You will seem more legitimate to other potential clients and will have a smoother start to your career by having individuals who want to partake in your services.

The best way to build a client base is to foster trusting relationships with those who need your services. In this industry, many people tend to find one hairstylist or facialist they trust with their beauty treatments and see them for multiple years. Having multiple regular clients can really make or break your career as a cosmetologist as they are your main source of income. So, how do you achieve this? Let’s get into it.

How do you build cosmetology clientele?

We know what you might be thinking: How will I have time to build a client base while I’m a cosmetology student? Although your education might be taking up the majority of your time, it’s still important to network and hone your skills as you work your way toward graduating. With these three simple tips, you can have new clients lining up at your door in no time!

1. Start providing services early

Whether you’re a full-time student or a part-time student, finding the time outside of your busy schedule to meet and service potential clients can sound like a hassle. But what if we told you that there was a way to complete your studies and service clients at the same time?

As a student studying at Houston Training Schools, providing cosmetology school services is embedded into our curriculum. This means that whatever you learn in the classroom can be applied to real people who are looking for beauty services.

Having the opportunity to encounter and practice your skills with real people (not just mannequins) can not only grow your skills as a future professional, but these networking opportunities can also help you cultivate your future clientele. If they are pleased with your services as a student, they could follow you wherever you decide to work after you graduate! Our hands-on learning model makes building a client base more accessible before you head out into the real world.

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2. Create a cosmetology portfolio

As a beauty school student, there is nothing more important than constructing a well-made cosmetology portfolio before you graduate. Not only will this assist you in landing your dream job, but a portfolio can also help you attract new clients (more on that in the next section).

As you are servicing clients as a student, ask the client and your instructor if you can photograph and document your cosmetology work for your portfolio. Having photographic and video evidence of your work will come in handy once it’s time to promote your own services. After each service, if the client seems satisfied with your work, ask them to leave you a review so that you may use their recommendation in the future to attract more clients.

Words of validation from clients, otherwise known as word of mouth, are one of the strongest forms of marketing you can do. And the earlier you start, the more credible recommendations you’ll have to work with.

3. Post your work on social media

So, you’ve started developing your cosmetology portfolio…now what? Well, if you’re asking yourself, “How do I market myself as a cosmetologist?” or “How do you attract new hair clients?” the answer is right there on your cell phone: social media.

In today’s day and age, having a social media presence is crucial if you are going to enter the beauty industry. Sure, a beautiful website portfolio showcasing all of your work is great, but clients will have an easier time finding you and your work on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook…the list goes on. Social networking allows just about anyone to stumble across your work, and these people could be your future clients. Plus, nurturing a strong social media presence is a lot more effective than handing out business cards to everyone you meet (although this method can be successful with the right crowd).

Posting regular photos and videos of your work, along with reviews from past clients, can allow potential clients to see what you are capable of — and if you would be a great fit for them. On that same note, be sure to post a bit about yourself too! Because interpersonal expertise is one of the top skills needed for cosmetology, your clients need to know your personality on top of your skill level.

Come up with a catchy yet memorable username, post a wide range of diverse work, and watch your following, as well as your clientele, grow!

Houston Training Schools can help you learn how to build your clientele

When it comes to building a client base, starting as a student can give you an incredible advantage once you begin your career. Just imagine starting your first job as a licensed cosmetologist with a list of people who already want your services! It can set you apart from other competitors in the eyes of potential employers and help you to jumpstart your career in beauty. It’s a highly competitive industry, so having people who can vouch for your skills and professionalism is a must.

While other cosmetology schools in Houston have you practice your skills on mannequins, our hands-on learning model allows you to meet real people, provide them with beauty services, and build a future client base in the process. We want every student to graduate from our cosmetology program feeling as confident and capable as possible, and our curriculum helps to nurture your skills and prepare you for your future.

Want more from your beauty education? Apply online for our cosmetology program today or call (713) 674-2300 to schedule a tour of our Houston campuses!

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