Skills Every Successful Eyelash Technician Should Have

Lash technician working on a client.

Think you have what it takes to be a successful eyelash technician? If you’ve decided that a career as an eyelash technician is the perfect path for you, we want to help you nurture that drive and help make that dream come true!

When you begin your training in the eyelash school of your choice, you will learn a variety of skills and techniques — however, there are some skills that every lash technician should have under their belt that you can’t necessarily learn from a textbook.

Houston Training Schools hosts the best lash classes Houston has to offer that can teach you all of the necessary techniques to be successful in your profession, along with the right skills that will make you stand out in the industry!

1. Knowledge of eyelash application techniques

We understand that sounds a little bit obvious, but the truth is that your skills in eyelash application technique depend on your education. While some lash artists can be self-taught, there is great value to being a licensed eyelash technician. If you’re wondering how to become an eyelash extension specialist in Texas, the best way to obtain that achievement is to go through an established lash tech program.

What do you do in a lash course?

When you enroll in an eyelash technician program, you will learn not only the basics of how to operate in your chosen profession but also the skills and attributes necessary to thrive in this industry.

Houston Training Schools has one of the greatest lash certification classes Houston has to offer. Our 320-hour eyelash extension program covers the following in its curriculum:

  • Theory and basic skills (first aid, regulations, etc.)
  • Sterilization, sanitation, and bacteriology practices
  • Eyelash extension application, history, and procedures
  • Past and current trends in the industry
  • Salon business knowledge

In summary, you will learn how to properly apply lash extensions to your clients’ eyelids, how to handle the necessary tools, proper sanitation techniques, and how to work in a professional manner to make your clients happy!

2. A steady hand and good eyesight

When you’re handling something as delicate as individual lashes and working on an area as sensitive as the eyelid, learning to keep a steady hand is crucial. You can practice hand and wrist exercises daily to improve your strength to avoid getting shaky hands when you’re working on clients. Great eyesight is also essential for noticing all the little details for proper application. Wearing glasses or contacts, if necessary, can improve your eyesight.

Having both of these attributes can help prevent mistakes and, in turn, create greater client satisfaction with your services!

3. Have good communication skills

Being an eyelash extensions specialist means that you will have to interact with many, many clients. It can be quite an intimate exchange in that you are often a few inches from their face as you work on their lashes. You may have to engage in small talk with your clients and interact with those around you. Having good communication skills, problem-solving, and the ability to compromise are the key ingredients to thrive in this industry.

Unfortunately, some clients may be convinced that they can do their own eyelash extensions at home and may not be as informed about the proper care procedures. Communicate clearly and directly with your clients about lash maintenance and care and when to call you if they are having any issues. Establish that you are a professional and that your services and expertise cannot be replicated at home. They will appreciate your communication and deepen their trust in you as their technician.

4. Can work under pressure

Patience and the ability to work under pressure are great skills to have if you wish to become an eyelash technician. As great as this profession is, like most fields, you may be confronted with high-stress situations or clients that will ask you to work quickly with little or no room for error. People take their appearances very seriously, so it’s important to be compassionate and understanding towards your clients if something goes wrong.

Stressing easily can make it difficult to complete your tasks and make you susceptible to making mistakes. Try to keep a clear head and carry on with what you’re doing, no matter the situation.

Houston Training Schools can teach you all the skills you’ll need to become a successful eyelash technician

If your dream is to become an amazing eyelash technician, we want to support those dreams and help you to jumpstart your career. Believe us when we say that where you choose to learn your craft can shape your future. This is why we suggest that you enroll in Houston Training Schools for our accredited eyelash technician program.

We give our students real-life experiences as they learn with us through our hands-on learning program. Why is hands-on learning important? Hands-on learning allows you to work with real-life clients and showcase your talents. The experience that you will gain from providing services to real clients throughout your education is invaluable, a great reason why our classes are the best lash certification classes Houston has to offer.

Ready to provide Houston lash extensions to clients who want to look and feel their best? Enroll in our eyelash extension program in Houston by applying online today or calling 877-640-4747 for more information.

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