Benefits of Manicures and Pedicures & How Often You Should Get Them

Benefits of Manicures and Pedicures and How Often You Should Get Them

It’s no secret that getting a mani/pedi is one of the most classic and enjoyable ways to treat yourself after a long week. Nothing beats soaking your feet in essential oil-infused water while you sit back and allow the simple joys of self-love to wash over you. We all know that manicures and pedicures are more than simply painting your nails. They make us feel like we’re taking care of ourselves and tending to the details that make us feel like our best selves.

Hectic schedules and mounting responsibilities can understandably make it difficult to find time for a trip to the nail spa. But there may be more physical and psychological benefits to putting aside an extra 45 minutes in your day to treat yourself than you realize.

3 Major Benefits of Manicures and Pedicures

Here are three mani/pedi treatments that you probably didn’t know were benefiting your overall health and well-being.

1. Hand and Foot Massages

Our hands and feet carry us through daily tasks on a nearly consistent basis. For that reason, those joints and muscles are exposed to a great deal of strain compared to the rest of our body. Hand and foot massages promote blood flow and increased blood circulation in these areas which, in turn, allows greater mobility in the joints and less strain in those overworked muscles. This is particularly beneficial for people who spend long periods of time typing, writing, and standing.

2. Nail Cleaning

You probably don’t want to think about how many germs, dirt, and pollutants your nails are exposed to on a daily basis. Over time, a lot of those nasty things can get stuck in the hard-to-reach areas beneath and around our nail bed. To make matters worse, many of us are guilty of biting our nails, touching our face, and scratching those pesky mosquito bites. This can quickly spread germs to vulnerable parts of our body. Nail technicians have all the tools and skills to thoroughly remove dirt and bacteria, lessening your chances of infection, nail fungi, and getting sick.

3. Exfoliation

Deep exfoliation is as beneficial as it is enjoyable. Calluses build up on the base of our feet over time, especially when we wear heels, exercise, and walk around barefoot. Exfoliating the calluses on the bottom of your feet can help to even out the bottom of your foot and improve weight distribution – this may improve leg and back pain. Exfoliating is also vital for removing dead skin, smoothing wrinkles, and stimulating collagen production in the skin.

How Often Should You Get Manicures and Pedicures?

How often you get a manicure and pedicure can depend greatly on your lifestyle. Naturally, if your hands are exposed to more wear and tear in your daily job or hobbies, your nails are going to need a little more TLC. However, professionals suggest leaving two to three weeks between each manicure and pedicure is ideal for keeping your nails in the best shape. Within this time frame, your nails and cuticles will begin to dry and grow jagged. Most nail varnishes or coats will also begin to chip away.

However, taking care of your nails between manicures is a great way to keep your nails in good condition between trips to the salon. Vitamins and minerals are a great way to care for your nails on a daily basis.

For instance, keeping your nail and the surrounding area hydrated will maintain elasticity in the skin around the nail and combat peeling and dryness, which quickly lead to hang-nails. Simply spread a drop of a fatty oil of your choice – like argan or avocado oil – on your finger and toenails a couple times a day. Your nail technician will love you for it and you’ll never have to suffer through the perils of a hang-nail ever again.

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