Is Cosmetology School Worth It?

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If you’re wondering, “is cosmetology school worth it?” chances are that you are considering a career in beauty but are unsure whether cosmetology school will give you the greatest advantage. These days, instead of attending an institution, more and more beauty enthusiasts are choosing to go down the self-taught road — thinking that they are saving themselves time or money. While self-taught beauty professionals can be successful, and going to beauty school definitely takes time, there are undeniable benefits to going to cosmetology school.

But what is cosmetology school like? Will it better set me up for success than attempting to go at it on my own? Keep reading for first-hand reviews from current and former cosmetology students sharing their experiences in cosmetology school, and what it did for their futures.

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Benefits of going to cosmetology school 

Should I go to cosmetology school? Although education is not a route that everyone will take, we do believe that if you are an aspiring cosmetologist, getting a quality beauty education will benefit you greatly. If you don’t want to take our word for it, hear from Houston Training School graduates who have left testimonials about their experience in cosmetology school!

1. You can try out different facets of cosmetology

Are you unsure whether you want to specialize in skincare, makeup, hair, or style? The great thing about going to cosmetology school is that you can try out all of the different facets this career has to offer! With a well-rounded curriculum, you can dip your toes into multiple types of cosmetology techniques in order to find out where your passions and talent truly lie.

Our curriculum covers topics from basic sciences to color theory, all the way to salon management. We teach our students not only the core skills and techniques needed to succeed but also the ins and outs of the industry itself. Students often come in set on going down one career path, but end up finding their true passion through exploration! You can only find this much exposure and knowledge by going to cosmetology school.

“Going from job to job I didn’t know what I wanted to do. My husband and I talked about what kind of career I wanted and I told him I loved doing hair. So, we set out to find the best school for me. As soon as we walked into Houston Training Schools I felt welcome. I’ve finished school here and now I’m on to my dream job! Thanks for letting me study cosmetology here!”

– Jennifer L.

2. You will be more prepared for your licensing exam

What is the hardest part of cosmetology school? Many students note that studying and preparing for the state licensing exam is one of the toughest parts of beauty school. In the state of Texas, you must obtain a cosmetology license through the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration in order to practice cosmetology — and to take the exam, you must have completed a cosmetology program at an accredited beauty school in the state. The better the school, the better prepared you will be for the exam, but how do you choose from the best cosmetology schools? It’s simple: look at the school’s licensure rate.

As of 2021, Houston Training Schools has a 90% licensure rate. This means that 90% of our students who take their official state licensing exams pass, obtain their licenses, and go on to be professionals in the beauty industry. Our well-rounded cosmetology curriculum is a hybrid of instructor-led lectures and hands-on learning experiences to allow our students to actually practice what they learn in the classroom on real clients, preparing them better for their exams and their future careers.

“Houston Training Schools is the best school in Houston. The teachers are the best because they help you with everything you need, they know the procedures, and they help you prepare for the state exam.”

– Liz S.

3. Scheduling and payment flexibility

With high tuition rates and set schedules, attending a traditional school can be an expensive and inflexible option for obtaining a degree, especially in a field like cosmetology. Cosmetology school on the other hand can offer a more affordable and accommodating way for you to have a career in your chosen cosmetology field.

Houston Training Schools allows our students to choose from multiple flexible scheduling options so that they can complete their program on their own terms. This is a great option for parents, part- or full-time workers, or students who can’t commit to a basic class schedule. We are also committed to helping our students graduate without debt, which is why we offer multiple financial aid options for cosmetology school students. Our mission is to provide students with an accessible, affordable, and comprehensive cosmetology program to prepare them for success in the beauty industry.

“I love the diversity, the scheduling flexibility, and the fact that Houston Training Schools is affordable compared to other schools.”

– Adjassa A


4. Built-in networking

Cosmetology school allows you to not only gain crucial skills in the classroom but to practice and perfect those skills in real time. Our hands-on learning model permits students to practice cosmetology services on real clients, which allows you to build your clientele as early as possible.

Having an established client base is the key to sustaining a long and flourishing career as a cosmetologist, so why wait to begin networking? The clients that you service throughout your education could be your clients for life as a professional. Building your cosmetology portfolio as a student can only improve your chances of being hired after graduation.

“The student took her time cutting my hair, making sure everything was just perfect. The instructors came and mentored the lady cutting my hair ensuring the results were professional. I really love the interaction between teacher/student and I can see that this is not only a good place to get beauty services, but an excellent school to get certified. I recommend 100%.”

– Aidee B.


Is cosmetology school a good investment?

According to our alumni, going to cosmetology school is a great investment for your career because it sets you up for success. However, those who are committed and take the time to hone their craft will reap the most benefits. If you believe that a career in cosmetology is for you, getting the proper education to have your dream job is more than worth your time and money.

How long is cosmetology school? The hours may vary by institution, but in order to obtain your cosmetology license in Texas, you must have completed at least 1,000 hours of an accredited cosmetology program in the state. The Houston Training Schools cosmetology program allows you to complete those 1,000 hours at your own pace. While the typical track takes around 40 weeks to complete, you can adjust your schedule to suit your needs thanks to our flexible scheduling offerings.

Want to get your dream job in less than a year? Now that sounds like a great investment to us.

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Begin your cosmetology education at Houston Training Schools today!

So, is cosmetology school worth it? 100%! If you see yourself as a professional hairstylist, makeup artist, fashion designer, skin care specialist, or whatever path you choose, going to cosmetology school can help make your dreams come true. The key to knowing how to choose the right cosmetology school for you is to search for an institution that offers a diverse, well-rounded cosmetology curriculum that incorporates hands-on learning. Where can you find all of that? At Houston Training Schools!

With two campuses in Houston, TX, we help our students find success with their passions in the field of cosmetology. As an exclusive CHI Partner School, our cosmetology students are equipped with all of the tools they need to become successful in their future endeavors. We also offer bilingual classes in English and Spanish, as our student body is made up of over 40 countries!

Whether you’re unsure if cosmetology school is right for you or you’re still searching for your dream school, Houston Training Schools has what you’re looking for. Apply to our award-winning cosmetology program today to get started! Remember, classes start this January, so be sure to get your application in as soon as possible!

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