Miss Houston Training Schools Pageant

Miss Houston Training Schools Pageant

Spring Brings Nothing Less than Exciting Times Here at Houston Training Schools

For the first time in HTS history, our campuses came together to pioneer a unique and memorable opportunity for all of our students to promote their skill set as cosmetology professionals with the rest of the world.

On March 29, 2019, we welcomed the very first Houston Training Schools pageant.

The Ms. HTS Pageant not only allowed our young artists a platform to share their knowledge and creativity, but it also provided students with a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Through networking with other cosmetologists, salon owners, and even Chi management in the greater Houston area, this was a chance for students to showcase what they’re capable of as knowledgeable, and creative professionals – at an event that will be remembered by all involved.

There was an important process in finding our very first Ms. HTS. Four notably talented finalists were chosen from each Houston Training Schools campus to compete in the pageant, with all students given the opportunity to enter. Those finalists then went on to compete in the 2019 Ms. HTS Pageant the Chi Academy at Chi Headquarters.

Contestants were judged by Chi management in three categories: Formal attire modeling, talent performing style on a mannequin, and an interview. While part of becoming Ms. HTS is certainly about a poised and developed skill set, the other part is truly about digging beneath the surface and expounding upon her motivation as a cosmetologist and ultimate career goals as a professional.

After much anticipation, the lovely Gladys Landaverde was crowned the 2019 Ms. HTS Pageant winner. Her beauty, brains, and talent placed her first above all other HTS contestants. The romantic up-do she created as part of the talent competition was just one of the talent performances, which set her apart from the contestants. Gladys’ favorite school subject is Facial Makeup, and she loves to use her talents to teach others, creating makeup tutorial YouTube videos in her time outside of class.

The stakes were high, as the opportunities for the first Ms. HTS spanned far and wide. After all, Gladys will represent HTS at other events and competitions, providing her with an endless array of networking and learning opportunities throughout the industry as she jumpstarts her career. Gladys will also be given the unique chance to spread her knowledge back to fellow students by collaborating with other instructors in upcoming HTS school presentations and expos.