Spiral Perm vs. Regular Perm

Spiral Perm vs Regular Perm

Depending on your age, you may have a preconceived notion about perms. If you’re an 80s child, you likely have plenty of pictures of yourself with rock band hair and leg warmers. If you came of age in the early 2000s, you probably still laugh out loud when you remember how Elle Woods got her client acquitted of a crime in Legally Blonde, thanks to her familiarity with the perming process.

No matter how your sweet spot for the hairstyle was born, you may be wondering what does it have to do with the second decade of the new Millenium. Well, ladies and gents, let us make it clear that it’s time to get physical, walk like an Egyptian, and live it up like a Material Girl, ‘cause perms are making a comeback!

If you’re the adventurous type, you may soon begin to wonder what kind of perm is best for you: Spiral? Regular? Something in between? Luckily for you, Houston Training Schools is here to help.

What Is a Perm?

A “perm” is short for “permanent wave”. You know, as in all the beautiful curls that adorn the heads of pop culture heavyweights, such as Emma Stone and Olivia Munn. What’s not to love? They add plenty of body and texture to otherwise flat hair.

Now, while they may be fun and add flair to any fashionista’s image, they are not necessarily for everyone. Perms can dry out hair, so if you already have brittle tresses, you may want to give them some TLC before deciding on getting a perm.

They also require thorough home care. If you’re the kind of person who loves to invest time in the awesome beauty rituals, then they may be a good option.

If you follow all of your hair stylist’s instructions and accept the extra maintenance time, a good perm will last for about six months.

6 Different Types of Perms | Which Type of Perm Is Best for You?

If we’ve piqued your interest and you still want to move forward with getting a perm, know that there are several types to choose from.

1. What is a Regular Perm?

If you just want volume, but aren’t too concerned about adding depth to your hairstyle, a regular perm may be a good choice for you. This will give you uniform curls throughout all of your hair. The effect is more subtle than noticeable.

2. What is a Spiral Perm?

If you love corkscrew curls, a spiral perm would make your heart beat with absolute joy! The style is created by sectioning your hair into small portions and vertically wrapping them around hot rods. That said, there are different types of spiral perms to choose from.

3. What is a Body Perm

If you prefer a looser curl, a body perm uses larger rods, so that you end up with large waves. The look is more reminiscent of classic Hollywood glam.

4. What is a Multi-Textured Perm

Multi-textured perms are the perfect solution for women who like more depth to their look. This is because this type of permanent uses different sized rods, for curls that vary in size.

5. Root Perm

If flat, limp hair is the bane of your existence, root perms will give you the lift you want to give your roots more body.

6. Partial Perm

Partial perms are the opposite of a root perm: Only the ends of your hair would be curled, giving you a more classic, timeless look.

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