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Barber providing haircut services for a male client.Jumpstart Your Career with the Houston Training Schools Barbering Program

Do you love helping clients look sharp and feel their best? If so, you may thrive as a professional barber! If you’re searching for the top barber schools in Houston to jumpstart or further your education, look no further than Houston Training Schools. Our students are exposed to a diverse and well-rounded curriculum that will prepare them for their future careers in barbering or other related career avenues.

If you’re currently looking for barber schools in Houston, consider Houston Training Schools for our commitment to offering an outstanding learning environment and nurturing every student’s talent. Here is everything you need to know about our accredited barbering program.

About the Barbering Program

Choosing the right barber school for you can be a challenge, especially in a city as large as Houston, but where you choose to study barbering is extremely important. To find the best barber schools in Houston, take a look at the curriculum to feel out not only what you will be learning but how you will be learning it.

What you’ll learn

Just like all of our other beauty school programs at Houston Training Schools, our barbering curriculum consists of more than just the basics. We focus on teaching you not only the skills that you will need to tend to clients on a daily basis, but also the skills needed to thrive as a barbering professional. Because this industry isn’t always simple, we want to best prepare all of our students for their licensing exams and what is to come after they graduate.

In our barbering program, you will learn:

  • Orientation, theory, and salon management
  • Shampoos, rinses, and scalp treatments
  • Chemical rearranging (perms and relaxers)
  • Hair coloring and bleaching
  • Hair styling and cutting
  • Manicuring
  • Facials and other skin care
  • Shaving
  • And more!

Is barbering a good career? The great thing about barbering is that it takes facets from cosmetology, esthetics, and manicuring that allows you to provide a wide range of services to your clients! It’s not all about cutting hair or shaving, barbering can give you a real creative outlet in your day-to-day career.

Hands-on learning

At Houston Training Schools, our programs are hybrid models of in-class learning and hands-on learning. Why is hands-on learning important? Because barbering requires a tactile understanding of different hair types, textures, and styles, and by actively engaging in hands-on learning, students develop the skills and precision essential for mastering various cutting and styling techniques.

Furthermore, hands-on learning allows students to refine their interpersonal and customer service skills, a required trait for success in the industry and something that they can’t gain from simply reading a textbook. Part of our curriculum requires students to provide services to the public, which as an aspiring barber, permits you to apply what you have learned but also build your clientele by networking with real-life clients. The hands-on learning experience is invaluable to barbering students and Houston Training Schools is dedicated to creating a challenging yet nurturing learning environment.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe that diversity and inclusion should be a crucial part of every barbering program. As a natural hair school, you will learn how to work with all different types of clients. Unfortunately, not every barber school teaches their students how to work with natural hair, leaving students unprepared and with wide gaps in their resume. Houston Training Schools believes that every barber should be able to service a wide range of clients and their needs, which is why our program is as inclusive as possible.

Because our student body is represented by 40 different countries, all of our barber classes are taught in both English and Spanish, so that Spanish-speaking students who want to attend our Houston barber school won’t have to worry about language barriers.

How long is barber school in Houston?

All barbering students at Houston Training Schools are required to finish the 1,000-hour curriculum that typically takes up to 40 weeks to complete. However, due to our flexible scheduling options, students can choose to attend classes that best suit their schedule and can complete the program at their own pace. This option works best for parents, those who work part- or full-time, or those who feel that a regular schedule does not suit their personal needs and learning styles.

In order to qualify to take your barbering license exam in the state of Texas, you must complete and pass the 1,000-hour program, and at Houston Training Schools, you can do this at a pace that fits your lifestyle.

How much does it cost to go to barber school in Houston?

Our barbering program at Houston Training Schools comes complete with a well-rounded curriculum for $11,100. However, we do have financing options available so that you can attend your program stress-free.

Houston Training Schools is one of the few beauty schools that accept financial aid in Houston and provides multiple financial aid options so that we can help our students graduate without debt. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask during your campus tour or contact our office to speak with a member of our administration.

Enroll in the Houston Training Schools barbering program today!

You may be wondering, is barber school worth it? Although education is not a route that everyone will take, we do believe that if you are an aspiring barber, getting a quality barbering education will benefit you greatly in the short- and long-term.

If you are looking for a Houston barber school that offers a diverse curriculum, hands-on learning, inclusion, and financial aid, you have come to the right place. Houston Training Schools nurtures the talents of students from all walks of life who aspire to have a career in hair or esthetics.

Unlike other barber schools in Houston, Houston Training Schools is an esteemed CHI Partner School that prides ourselves on providing our barbering students with the essential tools and skills required to thrive in this dynamic field. Your journey towards success in the industry begins with us at Houston Training Schools. Apply online today to jumpstart your career as a professional barber!

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