Tips to Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Winter

Winter Makeup


It’s all-too-easy to give up on your makeup routine during the long winter months. When the winter brings colder and darker mornings, most people are glad to cut into their beauty routine for a little extra shut-eye. After all, who’s going to notice your makeup when you’re bundled up in layers? Actually, the opposite is true – when you’re covered up in scarves and coats, your face garners more attention than your clothes.

A killer makeup routine can help you stand out in a crowd of people who have succumbed to the frigid temperatures and neglected their beauty routines. Blow everyone away this winter with these five expert makeup tips.

Combat Skin Dryness

While you may be enjoying the nip in the air, it’s ultimately damaging your skin. Cracks and flakes tend to look worse under a layer of makeup, so the key to a flawless winter look is to moisturize before you bring a brush anywhere near your face. Hold yourself to a consistent beauty routine where you regularly cleanse your face and apply moisturizer. Use a hydrating mask every now and then to lock in hydration.

When it comes time to put on makeup, mix a drop or two of oil into your foundation to keep your face moisturized all day long.

Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Just like your skin, your lips can quickly dry out and chap with constant exposure to the winter chill. Peeling lips can stick out like a sore thumb, and they’re only accentuated when you add color on top. Keep your lips looking plump and full with a regular moisturization and exfoliation routine. Simply apply lip balm and rub the excess skin off gently with a wetted hand towel at night, or keep your lips hydrated with petroleum jelly.

During the day, choose lip balms and tints over lipsticks. If you’re a huge lipstick fan, choose cream lipsticks, not matte or long-lasting lipsticks, for the most moisture.

Bring Some Life to Your Face

Between the shorter days and the reduced sunlight, winter makes most people’s skin look dull and washed out. Bring signs of spring back to your cheeks with a simple blush that’ll make your face perfectly rosy. Go a shade or two darker than your normal blush for an extra pop of color. For naturally rosy cheeks, just a little bit of highlighter can go a long way.

If you have the opposite problem and the winter wind brings out the ruddiness in your face, try color correcting makeup with a green tint to neutralize red tones.

Stop Makeup From Running and Smudging

Chilly winter gusts and dry air can make your tear ducts feel like open faucets. Fight off winter weeping by choosing waterproof mascara and eyeliner that won’t run down your face and destroy your look. Limit eyeliner and eyeshadow to your upper eyelid so you can easily dab teardrops away with a tissue without ruining your makeup.

Also, don’t believe the myth that your makeup can’t melt in cold weather. You still need to use a setting spray or pressed powder to keep everything on your face and off your scarf and hat!

Embrace the Chill, but Keep Your Options Open

As always in the world of makeup, anything goes, as long as you carry your look with confidence. For an all-around icy look, be sure to pick a lighter foundation than usual so it matches your skin tone in the wintertime. Then, make a bold statement with some white eye makeup that brightens the inner corners of your eyes. If white isn’t your color, don’t be afraid to go for an all-over peach or pink look, or eschew the rules altogether and go for a funky color.

No matter what colors you choose, you’ll want to avoid matte, dark lips and powder makeup. These can make your face look flat instead of eye-catching.

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