How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Hair?

How Cole Weather Affects Hair

It’s common knowledge that hot and humid weather can make most people with long hair look like an electrocuted poodle. Granted, there are plenty of hair care products you can use to tame it down and to ensure you look your best. But what about cold weather? How does it affect your mane, and what can you do to keep it looking as beautiful and healthy as possible?

Effects of Cold Weather on Hair

The same way too much humidity affects your hair, too little humidity — such as what happens during winter — can make your hair dry, flat, and brittle. As a result, you’ll notice unsightly consequences, such as:

  • Split ends
  • Static
  • Dandruff
  • Dullness

How to Protect Hair During the Winter

While you can’t control the weather, there are several things you can do to protect your tresses during winter. These include:

1. Keep it hydrated.

Give your hair extra hydration by applying hair oil. It will give definition to curls, make your hair shiny, and helps prevent split ends. It also makes it a lot easier to detangle your hair after washing it. You only need a few drops. Rub them together in the palms of your hand, and apply evenly through your hair.

2. Wash your hair with less frequency.

Since the air outside is already so dry, you want to minimize anything that would dehydrate your hair even more — such as washing it often. During colder months, wash it only twice a week — three weeks tops if you have oily hair.

3. Switch to moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

The times that you do wash your hair, make sure you’re using brands that won’t strip away natural oils. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioners are infused with replenishing nutrients and balance your hair’s pH levels.

4. Avoid going outside with wet hair.

Your hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet. Depending on how cold it is outside, the water in your mane can turn to bits of frost. This adds weight to your hair and promotes breakage.

5. If you like taking long, hot showers, wear a shower cap.

This is because exposing your hair to hot water for long periods of time will strip away moisture. So save the extra hot ones for days when you’re not washing your hair.

6. Protect your hair when outdoors.

Nobody likes hat hair, but in extreme weather, keeping your body temperature is a priority. In addition, wearing a hat protects your hair from the harsh winter air, snow, and wind — which makes your hair more prone to breakage. Get one lined with silk to prevent static.

7. Limit heat styling.

We won’t tell you to completely avoid flat irons and blow dryers because, hey, sometimes that’s what it takes to look like a million bucks. But let your hair air dry as much as possible, and when heat styling, use a heat protectant.

8. Schedule regular trims.

Trimming your hair every eight weeks removes split ends. This will help your hair stay healthy, since it prevents splits from traveling up your hair, and it keeps your hair from looking frizzy.

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