Tea Mask

What’s the Best Face Mask for Your Skin?

The Best Face Mask for Your Skin from Houston Training Schools Sometimes, no matter what exfoliating scrub or hydrating serum you use, your skin fights back with flakiness, puffiness and acne. When your regular routine just isn’t cutting it, a good face mask can get your skin back on track. If you’re already reaching for […]

Beauty Salon

How to Start Your Own Beauty Salon

The ever-changing field of cosmetology attracts creative, expressive, unique individuals from all walks of life to build a career focused on making a difference in the lives of their clients. While many just love the experience of making their customers look and feel great, other cosmetology experts yearn for a position where they can develop […]


The Beauty Benefits of Meditation

The Beauty Benefits of Meditation from Houston Training Schools Meditation is a great way to center yourself and put aside the stresses of daily living. Unlike what many assume, though, it isn’t merely wishful thinking – it is an ancient practice that is still popular around the world. Additionally, science continues to back up claims […]

Skin Types

Understanding Your Skin Type

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and performs some of its most important functions. While most people know they should keep their skin clean and healthy through regular washing and showers, many don’t realize that skin care routines are not one-size-fits-all. There are, in fact, four unique types of skin, all of […]

Houston Training Schools CHI Partner

HTS Students Put on Celebratory Hair Show

When you’ve been working hard to develop a new skill, you want a chance to put your talent to the test! Here at Houston Training Schools, we understand that you are serious about a career in beauty and want a chance to shine in a professional atmosphere. That’s why we make sure to give our […]

Morning Stretch

The Health Benefits of Stretching Every Day

The Health Benefits of Stretching Every Day from Houston Training Schools Consider what it takes to live a healthy life. Diet, exercise or perhaps even a relaxing hobby might come to mind. While eating right and hopping on the treadmill can do you plenty of good, many fail to realize that the human body isn’t […]

Healthy Nails

Can Vitamins and Minerals Strengthen Nails?

We’ve all been there. You just finished letting your nails air-dry after putting on a few coats of polish, you go to grab something, and SNAP! Half your nail cracks right off, leaving you with a jagged stump where your perfect manicure was supposed to be. To figure out what went wrong, be honest about […]