cosmetology night school

Cosmetology Night School in Texas

Looking for a night-time cosmetology school? Houston Training School offers flexible cosmetology night school programs for our students. We understand that every student has unique needs and can’t necessarily spend their day in a classroom. If you have a demanding schedule during the day, night-time cosmetology classes may be the perfect solution! When you begin […]


Cosmetology Schools in Houston that Accept Financial Aid

How Houston Training Schools helps students leave debt-free If you’ve been searching for cosmetology schools in Houston that accept financial aid, you’ll be pleased to hear that Houston Training Schools provides multiple financial aid options for cosmetology school students. Not only that, but at Houston Training Schools, we are committed to helping our students graduate […]

Long Hairstyles vs Short Which is Better For You

Long Hairstyles vs Short: Which is Better For You

Your hairstyle is a form of self-expression and creativity. Whether you like to curl it, flip it or throw it up in a bun, the way you do your hair is a personal choice — one that is only yours to make. That being said, sometimes it can be difficult to decide on a hairstyle […]

Valentines Day Hairstyles

5 Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Just when you think the holiday season is over, the Hallmark channel reminds you that hey — Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! What was once thought of as a celebration of couples and romantic love has expanded to celebrate all kinds of loving relationships — including friendships (Galentine’s Day, anyone?). Whether you’re planning […]

How Cole Weather Affects Hair

How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Hair?

It’s common knowledge that hot and humid weather can make most people with long hair look like an electrocuted poodle. Granted, there are plenty of hair care products you can use to tame it down and to ensure you look your best. But what about cold weather? How does it affect your mane, and what […]

Best Christmas Party Hairstyles For 2019

Best Christmas Party Hairstyles for 2019

Somehow, it’s already December. The year flew by, and you’re probably already decorating — or putting it on the back burner because you have so many other things to do. But no matter how many items there are on your to-do list, this is the time of year where everyone is hosting events — dinners with […]

Ways To Treat Dry Skin

Ways to Treat Dry Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Not only does taking care of it means that you’ll feel and look better — and sometimes, even younger — it’s also your biggest barrier against infections. Therefore, keeping your skin moisturized means you’ll look good, you’ll feel good, and you’ll stay healthy. That said, sometimes […]

Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

It’s that time of the year again – when holidays come one right after the other, and before you know it, the year is already over. But first, let’s celebrate Halloween! Whether you’re trick or treating with your kids or going to a party with friends, dressing up is always fun. You don’t always need […]

ways to prevent split ends

5 Ways to Prevent Split Ends & Promote Healthy Hair

Taking care of your hair is a daily part of your life. You wash it, style it, twirl it around your finger, and use it to hide blemishes. It boosts self-confidence and adds to your identity, but are you taking care of it as best as possible? You might notice that the ends of your […]

going from blonde to brunette hair

7 Tips for Going From Blonde to Brunette

Going from blonde to brunette may seem to some like a trivial decision, but when you really think about it, it’s a lengthy process that comes with a lot of questions: Do you really want to do such a drastic change? Will it have any impact on how you feel about your physical appearance? Will […]